a metaphor.

and then you decided that you just couldn't keep writing anymore. so you got up, threw on your scarf (which was now the visual province of roughly 25,000 people or so), threw on your coat, and walked down the hall to your door. when you opened it, the sky was covered with snow and all you could think about was how cold and wet you were.

you walked two blocks to the gas station and got a pepsi (they were out of coke, which seemed sort of ridiculous to you). you rooted through the chicago tribune because you remembered one of your friends mentioning that they were supposed to appear in some chicago paper today... you couldn't remember whether it was the trib or the sun-times. you kept leafing through each page until you realized that one of the workers was doing that annoying thing where they look directly at you, like you're loitering or stealing or something. you were creeped out enough to abruptly end your search. you went up and paid for your pepsi and a copy of the news-gazette and then you walked back outside.

lost in the snow again, you suddenly realized how pretty it was... how perfect and white and pristine and soft it was landing on your skin. you stuck your tongue out and let flakes drop on it, each flake dissolving instantly. and you thought, "yeah, i'm cold and my shoes are soaking through, but i still love snow. i think i'll always love snow." it was a wide-eyed, cheesy sentiment, but you didn't mind. it seemed appropriate.

then you walked home and started writing once again, but you didn't mind it anymore. sometimes, you feel like writing is the only way you can honestly convey how nice some things really are.
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    and you will know us by the trail of dead - "intelligence"

we recruited our drummer from the typing pool.

sorry, i totally LOLed on this one. quality stuff.

"a head trip i cannot stand
branded of a moment never there to begin with
it's scripted us to boredom."

- michael anderson

i swear i'll stop quoting bands in every other entry soon. seriously.

who wants to go see brief candles with me in peoria on friday? or something?
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    some softer secrets float over our heads... ooooh.

this song is fucked up.

i really like it.

secret santa cruz
(lifter puller)

cash advances and jenny's back on campus...
can't believe that it's september.
said, "jenny, what's the story?"
all the chicks in her sorority
ask her how she spent the summer.
"i interned at some law firm,
i got a little sunburned,
i saw some raver kid get murdered...
i met a guy and this guy got me high.
drum and bass sounds a lot like rolling thunder.
the blue is beautiful as it tops off the torch.
you don't have to go inside to buy...
you can buy it off the porch.
27 lovers in the back half of the summer -
i know you think it's way too many.
but the x makes me feel sexy
and the sex makes me feel empty.
the alcohol destroys me.
i did it in a disco with some guy from san francisco
who looked a lot like roger daltrey.
in the night of all that bloodshed,
i was kissing on some crackhead
who said he knew about a party.
he keeps it in his mouth
between those chipmunk cheeks.
i gave him fifty and he kissed me
and spit a little treat between my teeth...
i think we're starting to peak.
woke up at some hedonistic rodeo
with cowboys kissing cowboys trading magazines for videos.
and god bless the radio...
all that fine, fine music without all the messed up musicians.
dwight's a magician
and he gets sensible people making terrible decisions...
her name is sally
but they all call her 'salminio.'
she's lit up like an arson
she burned down like arsenio...
her name is sam
they all call her 'san antonio.'
she can't remember where she slept last night,
but she won't forget the alamo...
sam, don't forget our alibi."

mid-day thoughts...

for some reason, i've been enjoying the lyrics to radiohead's "subterranean homesick alien" quite a bit recently.

the breath of the morning...
i keep forgetting
the smell of the warm summer air.

i live in a town
where you can't smell a thing,
you watch your feet
for cracks in the pavement.

up above
aliens hover
making home movies
for the folks back home,

of all these weird creatures
who lock up their spirits...
drill holes in themselves
and live for their secrets.

they're all uptight.

i wish that they'd sweep down in a country lane,
late at night when i'm driving...
take me on board their beautiful ship,
and show me the world as I'd love to see it.

i'd tell all my friends
but they'd never believe me...
they'd think that I'd finally lost it completely.
i'd show them the stars and the meaning of life...
they'd shut me away...

but I'd be alright...

i'm just uptight.

meanwhile, bicycle day broke up. fittingly, they were reviewed in splendid e-zine today. check it out:

we can touch the ground... we can touch the ground...
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more covers!

and then i covered mirah's "advisory committee" for fun (as opposed to profit). it's very lo-fi sounding, but i like the way it came out. please leave feedback. i always enjoy feedback.

and... yeah. if you haven't heard them yet, i also have 3 new mp3s up that i haven't quite placed on my website yet:

a cover of superchunk's "slack motherfucker"
"passing" - a post-rock instrumental (drumtastic!)
"untitled 5" - fun with delay pedals
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if the last days of august were a fever, i think it has officially broken. it's flooding in front of my house. it's beautiful and wet and god, i've been waiting for this weather change to happen for, oh, MONTHS.

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in 1984, i was hospitalized for approaching perfection.

i fully support jason anderson's cover of mirah's "la familia." and i fully support stars' hearts LP... it's cute, smart, metropolitan indie pop music. i also fully support smart went crazy's con art LP... "if you're such a bad-ass, why haven't i seen any blood?"

today was sleeping through my only class, cleaning my room, learning that my car needs a new starter ($260, apparently!), missing IMs from ryan, hanging with a rather sick allie, doing laundry, and downloading plenty of music. fascinating? no. of course not.


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wow, i'm actually tired. i usually just go to bed because it's late... in this case, i actually feel my head becoming heavier. neat.